Faith in Death (Released Oct 2014)

All songs © Ravenous Entertainment

The Ravage of Time
(Music/Lyrics Robichaud)

I walk the darkened Road, Haunted by the memories
The questions left behind, the answers that escape from me
I wonder why that time has taken all it has from me?
I scream into the night, searching for serenity…But

I cannot stop the Ravage of time
If this is my fate, then why is it mine?

The dusty photographs are all I've left of those who'd gone
Shadows by candle light, reflections of my soul
As I close my eyes, I'm haunted by the dreams again
I try to run and hide from all the ghosts of distant past ….But

I cannot stop the Ravage of time
If this is my fate, then why is it mine?

Why did they have to go away?
Why can't I run away, from this fate?
Time, has taken all away...
Time, will kill the pain...

Live for Nothing...or Die for Something
(Music: Robichaud/Lyrics: Hickey)

War rages in the hell of Burma
Blood shed as bullets pierce and tear flesh
Set fire to village with no remorse
Fathers are slaughtered, children made soldiers
Women used as slaves, for pleasure of hate.....

Fight back.... With what you have left in your soul
Live for nothing, or die for something
Fight back, with what you have left in your soul
When your pushed, killing is easy as breathing

Into woods with mercenaries in back
Carrying weapons of war and destruction
Land mines and claymore lying at your feet
War rages in hell of Burma......
Blood shed as bullets pierce and tear flesh.

(In the Shadows of) The Bloody Cross
(Music/Lyrics Robichaud)

One by one...they hammer the nails in
Two by two...they're laughing at me
Three by three...I see them crawling
Four by Four...I watch them fall

I watch as the night brings...death swift on the air
I hear their death screams calling them
They betrayed me...and now they must die
The shadows embrace me... my friend

The Shadows of the Bloody Cross embrace me
I smile, the specter of death will take me
...far beyond this place
In the shadows of the Bloody Cross I wait.

And murder and pain are far away
The spirit deep inside, replaced by hate
See them as they die in pain...
and now to ME they come to be saved.

One by one, they hammer the nails in
Two by two they're laughing at me
Three by three I see them dying
Four by them fall.

Faith in Death
(Music: Hodd/Robichaud/Lyrics:Hodd)

A shield surrounds the city
Unseen by evil's eyes
Burdens of worry are light
Folk go on with their lives

Dancing and singing in bliss
Harmony within the trees
Every chord in tune
No dissonance, no devil's seed

Fire could not break the seal
All it took was a mind
Crept up in the darkness
without warning or sign

Ruins of an ancient land
Mortality could not withstand
The might of it's creator's hand
Mountains made into sand

Kings and commons unite in one goal
To force evil from Sylvan's hall
To overcome this genocide
To rebuild humanity

Up in arms, revenge for our losses
A sword in the heart for our suffering
Enough of the innocent lay dead
And you will lie with them

The Curtain Falls

Fear grips you in it's iron grasp
Night fallen, the light has faded to black
Disillusions as we dare to forget the past
Suffocating. We lay in wait.

The blood rains down, upon the barren streets
the ghosts of time, awaken from their sleep
We hear their screams and pray our souls to keep
the ray of light is gone forever...

The chill of night impales the light
The darkness comes...the curtain falls

Enemy within returns and stalks us in the night
run away while you still can, but don't you stand and fight
the world you've known is dead and gone, you turn away from the light Now take your final sleep...

Through endless tears we walk alone in the endless night
We raise our heads, stare at the sky and wonder at our plight
The pain we've known, grows day by day
We'll never see daylight...

Born to Kill
(Music: Robichaud/Lyrics:Hickey)

Deep inside the mind of the deranged
Lurks the thoughts and images of death
Strangulation, sodomy, dismemberment
Adrenaline rush of hate to the mind

Born to kill
No remorse for the dead
Born to kill
Smilin as your life blood spills
Born to kill

Broad daylight or deep in the night
Killing always gave off satisfaction
Cannibalism, beatings, bullet to the skull
Watchin as your life fades into the abyss

Born to kill
No remorse for the dead
Born to kill
Smilin as your life blood spills
Born to Kill

Deep inside the mind of the deranged
Lurks the thoughts and images of death
Cannibalism, beatings, bullet to the skull
Watching as your life fades into the abyss

born to kill
no remorse for the dead
born to kill
smiling as your life blood spills
born to kill

All you Fear
(Music/Lyrics: Robichaud)

In the shadows, I am watching you as you go to sleep…
In the pale moonlight, I stalk my latest feast
Can you see me? Can you hear me?

When you close your eyes at night, can you see me in your dreams?
When you hold your loved ones tight, can you visualize their screams?
It feels so cold inside… It feels so right.

Through the eyes of all you fear, lose your very soul
In my eyes you rest in peace…in your lips I taste the life
Through the eyes of all you fear, feel your blood run cold
Erase the plague of humanity… I bring the end foretold.

Your eyes, grow dark in the rapture of my embrace
Your soul set free from this mortal coil…
As I awake, I wake up by her side
That night, I hunger for eternal life…

In my dreams…I never fantasized…
The serenity and terror in her eyes
In the shadows, lurking in my mind
Fabric of sanity starts to unwind

(Music:Robichaud/Hodd Lyrics: Robichaud)

I'm running, I'm hiding….I'm trying hard to hold my breath
I'm praying, and hoping for someone there to hear me
The screams, they surround me, like voices crying in the night
The birth, a nightmare, that none of us would dare create

The end is here…
We disappear…

My pulse, is racing, I wonder what's to come for me
The blood all around me, reminder of my pending fate
I look to the sky but, the sun it does not shine for me
We look for, the savior, but now I know that it's too late

The end is here…
We disappear…

The time has come for…Darkness to pass
The dawn has broken…No Shadows cast

I'm closing my eyes now, there's nothing left for me to do
The bodies around me, are cast aside to waste
I cannot keep fighting, all will to live is gone astray
I enter, the sleep now, the kiss of death to seal my fate

The new messiah, our faith betrayed
There are no heroes…we fade away

Dawn Brings Death

History is written by the victors, upon the bones of death
Onward we march to fight for our cause until our final breath
this night we sing the funeral dirge to honor our gloried dead
By tomorrows light we fight again the struggle does not end

Time moves on, blood upon the snow, our memories haunt our eyes
the wrath of Rome can't stop our quest, the chains can never bind
We tend our wounds and carry on, the crimson moon, it shines
the time has come to mourn our lost, our faith in death... we fear no dawn

The dawn brings death, our sacrifice
We live and die, we cannot recognize
The path we tread will end in death....will they tell lies?
Beyond eternity, will time recall our lives?

The sands of time move on, forever in its course
A hollow victory, death smiles upon pale horse
the clash of steel brings blood on the sand
The gods forsake our cause, we give our final stand

The angel of death has come to feast, our dying breath bears no regrets
I turn my face to greet my fate, my life blood eyes they fade
The darkness comes, I smile in its embrace
My journey's end has come at last... my mind at peace... I slip away

New tunes/Album not yet named (To be released)

All songs © Ravenous Entertainment


Can you see me? I see through your lies
Only know, I see through your disguise
Through the Darkness, I will pierce the veil
Bring your nightmare and your pain revealed

Never ending is my thirst for pain
To watch you suffer, bearing no restraint
To hear you scream is music to my mind
Beg for mercy from those of my kind

Now I've come to take your soul
Fear the dark and the unknown Try to run and try to hide
You'll find the place where I reside
Your tears, they fill me with desire
Sanguine gifts you will provide
Dark possession, mind and soul
Feed my lust FOREVERMORE

Hear my laughter, as I see the priest
Never will your soul find it's release
Hold me closer, feel our minds entwine
Give unto me till the end of time

Bathed in blood you finally realize
Now we're one, the power flows inside
Through my evil you are now reborn
Through burning LEGIONS bring a hope fore lorn

Call the Sin Eater

The lightning strikes. The moon is cloaked in darkness
The time has come, for you to say farewell
The shadows hope that they can't see you
The past fuel your every fear

You lock the door, you think the threat has passed you
The silence brings you comfort for a time
I can see your breath in the air, I can taste your every fear
I can hear your silent screams, from the shadows I will end your pain

Hold on to nothingness
Hold on to the memory of the light
In the dark your pain slips away
In your sleep, I've come to prey
Reveal to me your deepest dreams
Feed me your sins and I'll never leave...
I will wipe your tears away

You could run, but you could never hide
I know your history all too well
Feel the panic, growing deep inside
Let me take you down to HELL

Time is never on your side
Only now you've come to see
Hear my voice in your waking dreams
Through my eyes you're now set free
Welcome my dark embrace at night
Call upon my deathly peace
Call the Sin Eater to save yourself
Leave your life behind and walk with me...

Burn the Sky

Can you feel the air is frightening? Can you hear the lightning crash?
Never saw the final warning, now there is no time to last
Oceans once so full of life have now become a grave
Gasping out our final breath, with no one left to save

Holding on to all you love, you know the end is near
Praying to your unseen gods your hear is filled with fear
Never thought the time would come for all to say farewell
Only now within our end we see the coming hell

Time is gone now. Nowhere to hide
See your past before your eyes in the coming of the tide

We've burned the sky to black now there's no time to run
There's no chance of going back as the clouds engulf the sun
Air we breath is poison now, hide all from the rain
Face the face the end is near, no more shall we reign

Rain is falling. Burning. Tearing
Unforgiving pain, no Relenting
Terror grips your waking nightmare
No remorse and no repenting

Never more the children's laughter.
A blackened sky hangs ever after
No one knows who burned the skies
...No one cares, they spew their lies


Dark surrounds me as I walk these halls.
Hear the echoes of the raven's call
All I know is, I should not be here..
Fear the shadows watch as the hour draws near

Can you see me?
I'm still breathing...
Am I dreaming?
Soul is bleeding...

By candle light, I dare to venture on.
Beyond the door I see a crimson tome
Turn the pages and I see their names.
Recollection of their cruel games

Hear me Thanatos...I want to decimate the world
Hear me Thanatos....I want to watch it burn
See the names upon... each page I turn
Hear me Thanatos...

Turning on the news, I can't believe the things I see.
Death is taking those who once harmed me
See the names crossed out more every day.

My vengeance sated, but in shock I see...

Only one name remains upon the page.
Is this a dream or real? I lose my rage.
I draw back in horror as I see my name.
How could this be now? Have I gone insane?