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Sept 22 2023:

Been a busy summer in the Beyond Eternal Camp. We are happy to announce that we have some new blood in the mix.

First up, to fill the vacant bass position, welcome Andrew Earle. Andrew brings a TON of experience to the mix and a ton of chops to boot.

Also joining us is Josh Tootoo on Rhythm guitar. It's been a long while since Beyond Eternal brought that two guitar assault and it'll be killer to bring that to you all very soon.

The new EP "Violence and Corruption" is complete and in the mix and master phase. We can't wait to unleash that upon everyone. There will be an official release party show(maybe shows)To give The Sin Eater a proper hullabaloo and to introduce the new EP

We are also stoked to announce our long awaited return to the stage. November 18th at the Broken Record bar in Fredericton. Details in the show section. Hope to see all your faces there.